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Open Netlabs is a subsidiary of the NLnet Labs Foundation

Connecting technology and operations

Do you need to move forward with your organization’s mission critical Open Source software? Let Open Netlabs provide you with added value services on the DNS products of the NLnet Labs Foundation. We focus on technical support for NSD, Unbound and OpenDNSSEC. Thanks to our cooperation with NLnet Labs we are able to connect technology with operations, resulting in structural safety and operational stability for you. We invite you to get in touch and meet our differentiated high-quality support and SLA’s, consultancy and training.


Open Internet Access on the Line in Brussels No matter how hard we work to create a safe, open internet, there is always the significant other party involved: politics. From the world of changing guidelines comes the latest information as it is emerging in Brussels — this blog by Cathy Sloan of CircleID. Read more
Domain Names Identical to Trademarks But No Likelihood of Confusions Domain Names are more than names and numbers. There's also the legal side of finding or choosing the right Domain Name, and determining its true value. Gerald M. Levine updates on on CircleID. Read more
Internet Society Elects New Chair On June 26th 2016 the Internet Society announced that its Board of Trustees elected Gonzalo Camarillo as the new Chair during its annual General Meeting. Read the press release. Read more
RIPE NCC IPv4 Address Space Chart - Now Updated RIPE NCC reports that their IPv4 address space chart has been updated. This chart shows the  number of available IPv4 addresses in the RIPE NCC's pool and is updated weekly. Read more
RIPE 73 will be in Madrid 24-28 October 2016. All meeting details are at
“Informal agreements and a mutual very open attitude. Our Platform will continue the collaboration with Open Netlabs and is on the lookout for opportunities on the way!
- Gerben Klein Baltink, chair Platform Internet Standaarden

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