Our parent, NLnet Labs, has been at the cradle of the internet as we know it. Since its inception in 1999, NLnet Labs has contributed strongly and with massive impact to the development of the global Internet. As a research and development center, NLnet Labs is leading in the conception and development of Open Standards and Open Source software that turns a network of networks into an open and free accessible internet for all. NLnet Labs’ software is used on a global level in mission-critical environments, including a significant share in the DNS root server system and Top Level Domain infrastructure.

The foundation’s objective is to work with the Internet Community to further develop and distribute —on a non-profit basis— Open Source software (being software whose source code is freely available to third parties) and Open Standards (being standards based on a publicly accessible procedure, allowing free use for all) for the Internet.

Because of the not-for-profit foundation of NLnet Labs, the need for funding has led to the establishment of Open Netlabs in 2013. Open Netlabs is a 100 percent subsidiary of NLnet Labs and generates a sustainable long term revenue stream while at the same time enhancing the performance of NLnet Labs’ software by providing technical support, training, consultancy and tailor-made solutions for your organisation. 

If your run NSD, Unbound or OpenDNSSEC in a mission critical environment, a support contract backed with a Service Level Agreement allows you to rely on the technical expertise of our developers. We also ensure you get early access to security alerts and patches and provide tailored DNS training for your staff if needed. Our expertise in the area of Internet security standards such as HTTPS, DNSSEC, DMARC, STARTTLS and DANE enables us to provide you with consultancy and development services for your organisation. 

Please contact us us if you would like more information.