Open Netlabs: connecting technology and operations

We all benefit from an open and free internet. It does however require constant attention, dedication and funding, and for this purpose Open Netlabs came into existence. NLnet Labs, our parent, has contributed strongly and with massive impact to the development of the global internet. NLnet Labs is leading in the conception and development of Open Standards and Open Source Software that turn a network of networks into an open and freely accessible internet for all.

Open Netlabs functions as the connection between the core technology and products developed by NLnet Labs (NSD, Unbound and OpenDNSSEC), and the daily operation in organisations. At Open Netlabs we provide support and consultancy for all NLnet Labs’ software. At the same time our income will benefit NLnet Labs, our parent, in its constant commitment to the internet of today and tomorrow: still open, still free, with enhanced security.

What we value

We are all increasingly dependent on the internet. Security is currently its greatest issue, threatening the public’s trust, the economy and societal coherence. With this knowledge we work in the spirit of our essential credo: a safe internet for all. Our support portfolio includes advanced notifications of security vulnerabilities and patching, reducing the overall risk exposure.

Your organisation’s DNS performance, stability and scalability are key. We contribute to your operations and production systems by providing high level support and consultancy. As the core products of NLnet Labs are subject to continuous improvement, and as RFC-compliance is a principle guideline in releasing new versions, Open Netlabs’ Service Level Agreements guarantee support and technical assistance on the latest versions. Enabling your organisation to remain up-to-date and ensure stability of your DNS-infrastructure.

The significant impact of internet on our society echoes the printing and the industrial revolutions. Its success and societal relevance find their roots in cultural and technological approaches called ‘Openness’. Open Netlabs believes that the network’s openness, thanks to Open Standards and Open Source software, enhances human well-being, and stimulates prosperity, technological innovation and economic growth.

The internet ecosystem is subject to continuous development. Therefore, innovation is at the heart of Open Netlabs by providing technical innovations wherever the internet as a global commons needs maintenance, in particular DNS and Routing Security. Open Netlabs’ innovation agenda is driven by the requirement for software and tooling, enabling DNS-anchoring of next generation security, privacy and identity implementations such as secure email, encrypted communications and smart grid. As well as making these innovations simple to deploy and operate, and making the innovation compatible with existing environments.

Our main strength comes from the skills and expertise of our team. Grounded in a long history of DNS protocol and software development, our engineers strive to meet your expectations by providing technical support and custom solutions adapted to the needs of your organisation. By providing ongoing assistance, we improve the performance of our customers’ DNS-infrastructure and production systems.