We are proud to present —in brief— two of our projects here. For us, making progress is primarily a group effort and we appreciate the energy and input from our partners Internet.nl and RIPE NCC. You can read a little bit about both of them as you click on the headings.

Our special research and development relation with RIPE NCC

There is a strong historic relation between RIPE NCC and our parent NLnet Labs. RIPE NCC was the instigator of NLnet Labs’ authoritative DNS server NSD. With support of RIPE NCC, the NSD open source code was designed and developed. RIPE NCC used NSD first for the K-root operations.

As a partner of both NLnet Labs and Open Netlabs, RIPE NCC is an early adopter, who tests and evaluates software in their operational setup. The important mutual benefit lies in the possibility to receive feedback and work with that before other institutions or companies start using the software.

A key role for Open Netlabs in the Internet.nl initiative

Internet.nl is an initiative which springs from the Internet Standards Platform who gathered actors from the Dutch Internet community, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Standardisation Forum. Together, they promote the use of modern internet standards, as international agreements on how computers talk to one another, in order to increase the trustworthiness of Internet. The organisations participating in the Internet Standards Platform are:

  • Dutch Hosting Provider Association (DHPA)
  • ECP
  • Standardisation Forum
  • Internet Society international
  • Internet Society Netherlands
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)
  • NLnet
  • NLnet Labs
  • SIDN
  • SURFnet.

Open Netlabs, who is in charge of the technical implementation of the Internet.nl portal, plays a key role in this project.

The Internet.nl portal is a tool that enables you to check whether your internet is up to date by testing your internet connection, e-mail and website. Thanks to this diagnostic, you can find out if they support IPv6 (an extended, modern range of internet addresse) DNSSEC (security extensions for domain names), TLS (secured connections) and DKIM/SPF/DMARC. (anti-phishing and anti-spoofing) If one or more standards are not up to date, you get guidance on how to improve this.

Internet.nl portal and Open Netlabs are both engaged in the promotion of up-to-date internet standards and protected connections which lead to a secure and reliable Internet, cornerstone of the Dutch economy.


A talk about the internet.nl project
Open Netlabs talked to Gerben Klein Baltink, the chair of Platform Internet Standaarden, about the ‘internet.nl’-project.

Story/origin of the project:

The project ‘internet.nl’ brings together different organisations who are operating in the field of internet.

Who initiated the project?
Gerben: “The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Forum Standardization invited the main players in the Dutch internet domain early 2013.”

Why did these players come together for this project?
Gerben: “They are united by the wish to stimulate the active use of reliable internet standards, for the benefit of safeguarding an open, free and secure internet for future generations.”

To what extent is internet.nl not only a website but also a service?
Gerben: “It is a service indeed, as there is a very relevant and easy-to-use test tool incorporated in the website as well. This tool gives the user relevant feedback on the applicable standards.”


Open Netlabs' key role:

Why did you designate Open Netlabs as the organisation in charge of the technical implementation of the internet.nl portal?
Gerben: “Their expertise/knowledge and not-for-profit role makes Open Netlabs the most suitable implementation partner.”

What is the added value of Open Netlabs?
Gerben: “For example their expertise on DNSSEC and other relevant standards and their presence in the international Internet community.”

Cooperation is at the very essence of this project. How is the cooperation with Open Netlabs being set?
Gerben: “It all functions through informal agreements and a mutual very open attitude.”


Future opportunities:

As the internet is evolving quickly, what future improvements are being proposed for this project?
Gerben: “A constant open eye towards other relevant standards and international developments is key.”

What are the future steps to be taken?
Gerben: “International cooperation with Poland and other countries, implementing multiple languages on the website and test tool.”

Are you thinking about further collaboration?
Gerben: “Our Platform will continue the collaboration with Open Netlabs and is on the lookout for opportunities on the way!”