The services portfolio of Open Netlabs is based upon extensive knowledge of fundamental internet technology and architecture. Our core business is software support, specifically on NSD, Unbound and OpenDNSSEC, the nameservers which constitute a major component of the current internet architecture. Open Netlabs offers support contracts to organisations and companies that use these software packages for mission-critical DNS networks.

Technical support is offered at various levels, ranging from a 24/7 SLA to best effort support. Immediate security updates and bug fixes are an indispensable element in any business where DNS has an essential role. Through its support contracts, Open Netlabs offers users direct access to highly skilled developers and technical specialists with years of experience in DNS and DNSSEC.

Purchasing the services of Open Netlabs means direct support to the research and development activities of NLnet Labs. This support helps us in developing a long term sustainable business model, backing the continuity of NLnet Labs and assuring that its contribution to the international internet community can be continued in the important years to come.